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Pedestrian Accidents

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    Pedestrian accidents in Nevada present a significant concern for public safety, with pedestrians often suffering severe injuries or fatalities when struck by vehicles. Understanding Nevada’s pedestrian laws is essential for both pedestrians and drivers to prevent accidents and promote safer streets.

    Key Aspects of Pedestrian Accident Law in Nevada

    Right-of-Way: Nevada law grants pedestrians the right-of-way in crosswalks, meaning that vehicles must yield to pedestrians who are lawfully crossing the street within marked or unmarked crosswalks. This applies at all intersections, regardless of whether crosswalk markings are present.

    Yielding to Pedestrians: Drivers are required to exercise caution and yield to pedestrians when approaching crosswalks, even if the pedestrian is crossing against a traffic signal or outside of a marked crosswalk. Drivers must come to a complete stop if necessary to allow pedestrians to safely cross.

    Pedestrian Signals: Pedestrian signals, such as walk signals and countdown timers, indicate when it is safe for pedestrians to cross the street. Pedestrians should wait for a walk signal or green light before entering the crosswalk, while drivers must yield to pedestrians when pedestrian signals indicate their right-of-way.

    Contributory Negligence: Nevada follows a comparative negligence system, meaning that both pedestrians and drivers can be held partially liable for accidents. If a pedestrian’s actions contribute to an accident, such as jaywalking or crossing against a signal, their compensation may be reduced based on their degree of fault.


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    FAQs About Pedestrian Accidents in Nevada:

    What should I do if I'm involved in a pedestrian accident in Nevada?

    If you're involved in a pedestrian accident in Nevada, prioritize safety by seeking medical attention for any injuries and moving to a safe location if possible. Contact law enforcement to report the accident and gather information from the driver and any witnesses. Document the scene with photos or videos and consult with a personal injury attorney who specializes in pedestrian accidents to protect your rights and pursue compensation for your injuries and damages.

    Can I still recover compensation if I was partially at fault for a pedestrian accident in Nevada?

    Yes, you may still be able to recover compensation for injuries sustained in a pedestrian accident in Nevada, even if you were partially at fault. Nevada follows a comparative negligence system, meaning that your compensation may be reduced based on your degree of fault. However, as long as you were not completely responsible for the accident, you may still be entitled to compensation.


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