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5 Reasons to See a Doctor After an Accident Even if You Feel Fine

A car accident is highly traumatic, both emotionally and physically. Some car accident survivors may brush off the incident and skip going to the doctor if they don’t see any visible trauma. But the truth is, car accident survivors should always make a visit to the doctor, no matter how seemingly minor the collision was. Here are a few reasons why.

Some fractures don’t cause pain right away.

The adrenaline rush after a car accident can make it difficult to think straight. You may not feel pain due to shock and think you didn’t sustain any injuries. In some cases, a broken bone may not seem obvious if it isn’t a weight-bearing limb.

But car accidents may cause a stable fracture in which the bone is broken, but not misplaced. It may take hours or even days before you notice any pain from the fracture. You could even make the condition worse with certain motions or activities and cause further harm.


2. Internal bleeding may not cause symptoms right away.

Internal bleeding may be caused by the expansion of the airbag, tightening of the seatbelt during impact, or your torso hitting the steering wheel. Symptoms of internal bleeding may include dizziness, fainting, bruising, inflammation, abdominal swelling, and pain. Don’t ignore these symptoms — internal bleeding can be fatal if left untreated.

3. Traumatic brain injuries are identified with a brain scan.

If you hit your head in a car accident, or if your vehicle flipped over, rolled, or spun, you may have a traumatic brain injury (TBI). It’s important to see a doctor right away since TBIs don’t always cause symptoms right away. Left untreated, TBIs can worsen over time and cause serious problems. Your doctor may request a CT scan or MRI to take images of your brain and identify internal damage.

4. Undiagnosed conditions could get worse.

The soreness and temporary pain you feel after a car accident could turn into chronic pain. A back injury, for example, could lead to pain in other areas of the body and complicate treatment. You may end up with a longer recovery process than if you had obtained medical care immediately after the accident.

Whiplash is a common injury that occurs when the neck is suddenly thrust forward and backward. If you ignore the pain in your neck, you could end up with headaches, Degenerative Disc Disease, chronic pain, and other long-term health problems.

5. Only a doctor can properly document your injuries.

Certain doctors are trained to document injuries caused by a car accident. They will ask questions about how the accident occurred, any pain you may have experienced, emergency treatments you may have received immediately after the accident, and your medical history.


A doctor’s examination and diagnosis is a key part of personal injury cases. The insurance company needs medical information from a qualified healthcare professional to determine the extent of your injuries and make an offer. The more information your personal injury lawyer presents about your diagnosis and treatment, the better your chances of obtaining a higher settlement.

A car accident may have a long-term impact on your physical health and the injuries you sustained should be added to your medical history. With the right documentation, doctors will be better able to treat you in the future.

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